Test Series

Test series is one of the best methods to improve the level of confidence and rectify the mistakes in one’s preparation for competitive exams. It also helps the candidate overcome the fear of the exam. Comprehensive evaluation and regular feedback help a candidate in realizing his strengths and weakness and accordingly strategizing his preparation. PARAKH is providing comprehensive test series for various competitive exams. Its interactive sessions help students to understand a problem in a more comprehensive way.

Why Choose our Program

  • One-Stop Solution for All

    PARAKH is providing reading material, Books and Notes for the preparation of the topics. Its Test series program helps students to identify their mistakes and improve accuracy. Interview Guidance Program enhances PARAKH has the most eligible team to train and evaluate candidates as per the situations and requirements of the Interview Board. The interview panel at PARAKH consists well-known personalities who have/ have been holding a dignified position in society through their dedication to work, perseverance, rationality, and pragmatic thoughts and actions.

  • Test Discussion

    Live and Recorded discussion of each test by experts.

    Comprehensive Coverage of the test syllabus.

    Interactive sessions.

  • Comprehensive Test Series

    PARAKH is providing test series for various competitive exams. It gives a comprehensive test series plan for all steps of the examination like Prelims Mains. The interactive Prelims platform helps students to identify their strengths and weakness. Mains copies are evaluated by experts who give detailed feedback to improve marks in the subjective examination.

  • Personal Guidance Simplified

    PARAKH provides one-to-one interactive sessions whenever required. Test discussions also help students to solve similar types of questions in the examination.

  • Prelims Test Series Features

    3 Steps preparation- Fundamental, Intermediate & comprehensive level.

    Expert support via call discussion.

    Personalised login credentials where you will receive scorecards & performance analysis.

    Live doubt sessions for each test.

  • Mains Test Series Features

    Answer Writing and skill Development

    Structure & Presentation of answers

    Detailed Evaluation

    Expert Feedback and Assessment

    Complete coverage of RAS mains syllabus.

    Live and recorded test Discussions



Our program provides a dedicated support system for holistic personality development of the candidate to give him the confidence to face the interview board successfully.


  • DAF analysis session by Team PARAKH.
  • Mentoring Sessions by Experts.
  • Mock Interview Session with Bureaucrats/Educationists.
  • Interaction with previous toppers and selected candidates.
  • Performance Evaluation and Personalised Feedback.
  • Recorded video of Mock interview.

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We are committed to quality and integrity and strongly believe the success of our students depend greatly on the competence and attitude of our experts. If you feel that you have the right mindset and also passion and dedication, do contact us. We always welcome fresh talent.

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